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Turned one year older today. I’ve certainly had enough birthdays to allow the occasion to pass quietly. However, this year was different.

Beyond the texts and calls, there was one voice that was not here today. Dad’s.

Dad is around – don’t get me wrong. Physically he is here (Austin) … but ‘dementia’ has quietened him. As the day progressed today, I began to be saddened by this for probably the first time in the year that it has really hit him.

This is the first birthday in my life where he has not called – which really hit me. Since I moved out of Texas in 1992, he would also ALWAYS send me a card that would arrive EXACTLY on the day. He was always very proud of that – that he could time USPS for the card to land on my birthday.

“Did you get my card?” he would ask when he called, always knowing the answer.

Heading into October, I guess I kind of expected the absence of that silly tradition. Tina and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary on the 11th – and no card (his card execution was beyond birthdays, too). So I wasn’t surprised, per se. But it hurt today.

I realized that I won’t ever see another card from my father again. It sucks more than I ever imagined it would.

Posted: October 24th, 2018
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Device … RIP

So we went to Purgatory ski resort in Durango, CO for Spring Break this week. Just got back last night. The kids are exhausted, which is good.

The first time snowboarding for anyone can be brutal, and their experience was no different. Actually ended in tears for both. Seeing so many whoosh by on their board or on skis is deflating for the first-timer, as one has little context: you don’t realize or understand that those ‘whooshers’ have been up a few times. No one really masters the skill the first time. You spend most of your time getting up from falls.

That clarity came to point on this trip as, even though I hadn’t been on my board for about ten years(!), I only fell a couple of times. My pain was fairly limited to my ankles and knees only – and just a small amount. It’s the repeated falls and getting back up that really makes it painful in the end.

But I lost out on my equipment on the trip. My old Device boots (step-in snowboard boots) finally died. On my 4th run of the day, the back section of my left boot (which holds the bolt which locks into my bindings) ripped off of my boot. I was able to keep the front of my foot in the bindings and hobble my way down about 100 yards. Then, my right one ripped off! I was stuck but was fortunate enough to be near a lift and was able to take the ‘gondola of shame’ back down to the base.

The boots had some sentimental value to me – these were the boots (bindings, and board) that I purchased in Santa Fe years ago when I first started (and experienced the pain that Elyce and Gavin had this trip). What was funny was that at the start of the day, when we were getting dressed to hit the mountain, a kid came by and saw my board and said “whoah – retro! How awesome!”

After lunch with Tina and the kids and $40 later, I had a new set of boots and a board (rental) to finish out the day. But my boots stayed behind as we left Purgatory. But I’m keeping the board!

Posted: March 30th, 2018
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Pretty Legit Weekend

It has been about 5 months now since we started our journey of moving into a new home. 5 months ago (ish) we started the process of looking. Then the offer, then getting our old home ready for market, etc. It was pretty tough, overall. More mental than physical, really. Things have settled down now.

Yesterday the internet was down in the house. It was weird as we all migrated closer together and hung out for the day … we were playing ping pong together as the evening came.

I will admit, I didn’t really try to spend much time trying to figure out the internet issue. Pretty confident there were issues in the area, but it could of been just the cable modem or router. Oh well – didn’t matter really.

Posted: July 9th, 2017
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