News for January 2018

A Crown for the Fight for Net Neutrality

If you haven’t heard … Net Neutrality was killed by the FCC.

How will it impact us? See Burger King’s genius video here. Sadly, this is how most consumers have to understand this important legislation … through a fast food analogy.

Posted: January 24th, 2018
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Getting Old(er)

Alright – I’m not old. Just getting older. We’re all getting older. Get off my lawn! er, Get off of my rocks (I live in the desert). No, that sounds bad. I have digressed into a twisted chasm.

I’m getting older.

I hate it.

Yesterday I sneezed and I pinched a freakin’ nerve in my back. I am not kidding you. All day I was hobbling around carefully and whining and moaning about my back – when it started with a sneeze. I woke up this morning with the pain at a much lower threshold and feel great. I feel normal. I feel younger. I take these moments now when my body doesn’t hurt and am so happy and appreciative of these ever-minimizing windows. As such is this morning as I drink this huge cuppa coffee and feel so much better. Which leads to my second point about getting old that I thought of this morning, prior to firing up the beast …

I seem to be getting up earlier and earlier, and going to bed earlier and earlier. By Choice.

My Friday night is spent reading my tablet in front of the fire (oh – old(er) people don’t like to be cold, either), listening to the TV about our president’s latest faux-pas on the news … waiting to when Tina and I determine it’s ‘bed-time’. It’s a glorious hour, folks. Those of you who are old(er) know this.

But slumbering past 7am is practically impossible the next morning, and 5am is now practical. Jeesh – this is crazy. I’m scared that soon I will be approaching (as a wake up time) the hour which (earlier in my life) was my actual bed-time after a night of bar-hopping and almost-illegal activities!

All of this just serves as a reminder to Seize This Day. I don’t want to get all philosophical here, but it is so very true. I’m going to finish this up (it’s still before 7am and the sun is not up yet), so I still have some time to finish this cuppa joe and get things planned for the day … I have a lot to get done today and I’ve got an early bedtime tonight, yo.


Posted: January 13th, 2018
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