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Announcing … ‘Gross Things in Hotels’

So … After years and years of traveling, I have decided to create a new ‘category’ on dope … “Gross Things in Hotels”.

I’ve traveled practically every week of the past 12-15 years (12 certainly, 15 maybe not every week). With my prior employer, there were questionable hotels even on paper. With my current employer, I’m able to stay in pretty respectable spots. But without fail, I find a ‘nugget’ or two during my stay that puts most off. I can deal with most issues, and can say I’ve only demanded a different room just a few times over the past 10ish years. But thought, “why not collect pics of what I see?”. May be interesting.

My primary area of coverage currently is NM/El Paso, but do travel to PHX consistently. Also CO, UT, OR, WA and maybe soon elsewhere.

But here’s the first post … from the desk chair at Hilton, UTEP Campus, EP TX:

Posted: February 14th, 2024
Categories: Gross Things in Hotels
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