News for April 2023


I have about 4 -10 ‘news’ apps on my phone/tablets. I am and always have been a news junkie. Just like to know what’s going on. No Social Media – if you’ve read any of my prior relative posts, you know why.

But what has been having me reflect on things lately is my news apps (Google, Apple, NPR, Yahoo, local, ESPN, MS Start, etc) are occasionally feeding me articles that seem to come from TikTok (no thanks), Facebook (no thanks), and Twitter (same) that tell the story about some disenfranchised employee, a ‘Karen‘, or other person that I would really have no interest in knowing or ‘following’ and a story about something that happened to them that they want to share with the world. I see these stories in the news that -years ago- would (and still, today) have no bearing on my life. I really don’t want to hear how your tacos arrived cold, how your shoes arrived damaged, or how your service at [insert restaurant here] was unacceptable. That’s not news. Social media has just created a mess with this stuff, as it’s bleeding into ‘news’. This is another way in which we start to lose faith in the press.

Perfect Example:

Okay – I’m not a “Fake News” guy, but hopefully you see my point here. Open to any suggestions on News Apps/Sites that filter this kind of stuff out.

And if you send me a Truth App link, Huffington Post, FOX, or One America link, I’m going to send you a glitter bomb.

Posted: April 7th, 2023
Categories: news, social media
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