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“We’re Sorry” Ads

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads lately – specifically Facebook and Wells Fargo. I call them “We’re Sorry” ads. Really? Here is Facebook’s:

What strikes me is the blame – “we were special. Then ‘something happened’ – as if it wasn’t their fault. Um – they sold the ads, they let it happen. “Something Happened” is a spin on their issues. And, as I’m sure you’ve heard … on Facebook, you aren’t the customer you are the product. “Something Happened” is not an answer or excuse, it is the eventuality of the platform. Nothing Will Change as their model is built on the very thing that they are apologizing for.

And, then, Wells Fargo.

“We know the value of trust, we were built on it.”

Um … try this: “We knew the value of trust, we ignored what we were built on.” So they change the music mid-way, and promise us they have changed.

Both of these ads are just bad – bad in overall messaging in that they admit they have blown it and are asking for another chance. I continually see them of late, and have to laugh. We are now seeing apologies and promises to ‘do better’? Wow.

“We know our smokes cause cancer. We’re sorry. We will do better”. Okay – I know there is an argumentative fallacy in that last quip, but not too far off of an analogy.

Truly look beyond the witticisms, music, and production value. Do you really trust them?

I sure as hell don’t.

Posted: May 31st, 2018
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Posted: May 24th, 2018
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