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Belzer Dead

So Richard Belzer died. This one stuck with me, as in ’89 I was a little lost and thought “Hey, I’d like to be a stand-up comic!”. Bought his book. Changed my mind after reading.

I don’t know – I just remember that book.

But when I read the posting on his death, I renewed my appreciation for his wit/wisdom. His last words were absolute legend.

RIP Belzer!

Posted: February 20th, 2023
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Ironic Death

I get freedom. I get we shouldn’t be beholden to ‘The State’. Frankly, I do struggle with laws like seatbelt laws, helmet laws, etcetera. I get that the open road is symbiotic to freedom. And we shouldn’t have laws that dictate things that are required for us (not necessarily impacting other drivers) to be safe.

But there is irony here. TIL: lawyer who fought Florida helmet laws dies on motorcycle … not wearing helmet. Oh – and his passenger died, too (nope, no helmet).

In the end – it’s Darwinism. Sad, but there you go.

Posted: October 28th, 2022
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Hug Each Other … NOW

Dad died on the 6th of January. Not unexpected, but certainly grounding. Miss you. Dad.

Lenny Cohn – a good friend from high school died in January, too.

Today, Troy texted me to let me know Chris Bowie died. A very good friend who was such a character and one that I will always remember with such a smile.

All of these deaths … it’s crazy. Crazy eye-opening.

I remember my marriage day with many people around – many people now gone. It was a day in time where many families and friends were around. That day in time was our day – not Tina’s and mine, but a day when we were all together. And now, some are gone forever. How cool it would be to go back and hug people a little harder. Dad, Travis, Grandma Suina … who else? It is now a blur.

In many years, there will be a day like that for people not around now. Don’t really know my point here – but every day counts, I guess. Every day we are together … counts.

We are alive right now and share these days together. History is full of snippets of times and days. This is our time together. As Jim Morrison said – no one gets out alive.

Hug each other, okay?

Posted: March 16th, 2019
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