News for March 2022


We’ve heard all throughout the pandemic from states and sectors of society that certain ‘freedoms’ and ‘rights’ were being tread upon. We’ve (sadly) seen -and continue to see- pickup trucks adorned with┬áthe Gadsden flag (“Don’t Tread On Me”), Trump flags, “Thin Blue Line” flags (which, BTW, go against US Flag Code). Further, the ‘in your face‘ flag waving of the US Flag itself as a cloak to disguise antiquated beliefs (xenophopic, bigoted, intolerant) is just disgusting and frightening.

But …

Whether one cares or not regarding peoples’ sexual identity, shouldn’t we be allowing that freedom? If no one should tread on me and my rights, why tread on them? If America is Free for Me or You, why can’t it be Free for Him, Her, Them?

Read on about Idaho and their efforts to ‘punish parents who take trans youth to other states for health care’. Head scratcher here – Idaho has been one of the most ‘don’t tread on me’ states in the west over the past couple of years.

Why does there continue to be so much hate in the world?

Posted: March 9th, 2022
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TikTok’s Russian Influencer Messaging

Regardless of whatever side you’re on with the Russia/Ukraine conflict, it’s interesting to see just how different the perspectives are in media and with social networking. Below is a video showing interesting similarities of pro-Russia messaging on TikTok by ‘influencers’.

Yet, another example of the twisted realities of the cancer of Social Media …

Posted: March 5th, 2022
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Password Hacking Matrix

Ran across this the other day …

So you’re telling me Password1234 is pretty safe, huh?

Posted: March 4th, 2022
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