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Hotel AC Hack

So I’ve been traveling regularly since forever for work. At least once a week I’m out of town. And I only just thought of this last night.

Some hotels have ‘governors’ on the AC in the room – meaning, you can only go down to a certain temp … no more. I love sleeping COLD, and sometimes this is a pain in the ass. I even have a OneNote on hotels in cities I frequent so I don’t make the same mistake of staying at hotel for this very reason (and others).

Last night was a new hotel for me and as I was gearing up for bed and getting the thermostat to <65, I realized this was such a room … limit was 68. Ugh. I stared at the thermostat for bit and had a thought: “this is just a circuit board surrounded by plastic. I bet there’s a way to override the board.”

I googled. Lo and behold, there’s a whole slew of videos on just how to do this, by manufacturer. It took me about 3 minutes and I had the circuit board reset and the temps down to 64. Boom.

There are other settings you can adjust, as well – constant fan, disabling motion detection, etc. Just be sure to carry a philips screwdriver (I have a leatherman tread apple watch band, which has helped so many times).

Here’s a link if you’re bored.

Posted: September 28th, 2023
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World War II

Posted: September 16th, 2023
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