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Protest Late Much?

So truckers are driving to DC to protest Mask Mandates and Vaccine Mandates in the US.

If these bozos can’t figure out that all mandates are gone (except Hawaii – which is 2,471 miles from the coast and any mainland highway) and/or are so late in getting this figured out, it’s no wonder why we are so behind on supply chain issues. And now they are driving 2,668 miles from LA to DC to sit in their trucks to ‘protest’.

At 8mpg for these monstrosities, that’s about $1,200 in gas (one way) each rig is wasting on this ridiculous venture. That buys about 4 banjos.

Ugh – ridiculous.

Posted: February 23rd, 2022
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Day 432

So … I had personally calculated on April 12 that the COVID Pandemic will end on May 29, 2021. I was bored and decided to Math.

I have told family, friends, and co-workers. Not an aggressive discussion or proclamation – just using a little math and predictive analytics. How? Math with Vaccination Rates (daily number of vaccinations), Infection %s (how much of the population has had it), Death rates, Positive Counts/Rate/decline percentages, etc. Taking all of this into account at that time, I was pretty confident that things (Pandemic) would end on that day. I had actually said “47 days – it’s done”.

Now – problem is, according to various authorities, it is still unclear as to what defines it being ‘over’. And I don’t have a definition, either. I think we could debate that all night. Back then, I was kind of thinking “no masks” would be a good indicator; however, it seems every state has it’s own understanding of the CDC’s directives, WHO, and OSHA. Leadership in the US has been better on the pandemic since Trump became a one-termer; however, can someone step it up and define the end? It always baffles me how leadership (Red or Blue) seems to be such idiots on PLANNING and GOALS. Too much conflict/opinion …

At this point – I stand by my math and projections. By the 29th, we will see all businesses mask free. We will see ‘social distancing’ and restrictive efforts gone. Things will be completely open – at least in the US. Which – by definition, is sketchy as to whether it will be the end of a pandemic or now just an epidemic. I think if one looks beyond the US, we could still [technically] be in a pandemic (cross-regional infections) … but I’m thinking relatively local. The fact of the matter is – the vaccines work. No rocket surgery here. But I digress – and don’t want to get ‘political’ (it’s sad that science is up against social differences/opinions – it really is).

What my point is – I think there will be a lot of Masks and Sanitizer on sale in the latter half of this year. Either that, or a rage trend of Mask Quilts. Can’t wait, frankly.

Posted: May 19th, 2021
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w+ln |N|= ln |ap^2H+e^a^r| + ln |y|


Posted: December 31st, 2012
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This Guy Likes Pi. I Respect his Tenacity.

A home-built $17,790 computer with an Electrical Bill of $237/month to calculate Pi to Five Trillion digits, and to suffer in the process by his daughter’s tripping of a circuit breaker when she turned a hair dryer on …

Shigeru Kondo … you rock, sir.

Posted: September 5th, 2010
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