Protest Late Much?

So truckers are driving to DC to protest Mask Mandates and Vaccine Mandates in the US.

If these bozos can’t figure out that all mandates are gone (except Hawaii – which is 2,471 miles from the coast and any mainland highway) and/or are so late in getting this figured out, it’s no wonder why we are so behind on supply chain issues. And now they are driving 2,668 miles from LA to DC to sit in their trucks to ‘protest’.

At 8mpg for these monstrosities, that’s about $1,200 in gas (one way) each rig is wasting on this ridiculous venture. That buys about 4 banjos.

Ugh – ridiculous.

Posted: February 23rd, 2022
Categories: Coronavirus Plague of 2020, math, politics
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