Oil Longevity … Mileage Not Age

A bit of a weird post … about car oil.

Recent studies have found that the age of the oil in your vehicle is less of a determinant than mileage. Which really makes common sense. The oil in your engine is in a closed environment, not really exposed to the elements. I guess it just validates many suspicions.

A weird post I guess because I would presume I don’t come off as a gearhead. But with 3 vehicles now (1 costing $600 to change the oil, 1 at $200), I change my own (I have to change my Lexus RC’s oil every 2 months due to the mileage I put on it traveling for work each week). Beyond having a lift (like my boss – who owns 12 cars[!]), I have every tool/element one needs to do this simple, 15-minute process.

Posted: March 2nd, 2024
Categories: autos
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