The Price of Ignorance

It’s a bit criminal for Best Buy to sell an HDMI cable for so much cash, but they get away with it preying upon one of the fallacies of consumerism (“you get what you pay for”) and the many customers who think the name brand is king. And this is an easy trap to set, because most consumers buying electronics and gadgets are lulled into these mindless purchases by the justification of the major cash they are usually forking out at the time – say, for a flat-screen tv with components. When you’re spending $2,000, what’s another $200? Additionally, many are simply seeing the high cost as an insurance plan for said tv/components … I mean, what could it hurt?

at Best Buy, you’ll pay $1.04 a linear inch for a Monster Cable HDMI.

at, you’ll pay $.03 a linear inch for an  HDMI cable.

But HDMI technology is simply DIGITAL signal transmission. It’s binary data: 1s and 0s being sent across a wire. You will find no difference between a Gucci HDMI (or Monster) and a Radio Shack cord. Really. Get over it.

Educate yourself here, folks.

And you can donate that $144 savings to me. Just let me know how you want to pay by clicking here.

Posted: December 5th, 2010
Categories: products, tech
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