Tornadic (just made that adjective up) Devastation

‘Commuting’ to Tennessee like I am right now, the nights that I have been spending here seem to be getting more stressful with all of the tornadoes in this area of the country. Every day, regardless if a tornado has hit in the area, the weather is bad enough to where someone in the office comes in saying either a tree fell on their house, or a neighbor or relative. It’s crazy. This week while here, I drove down with my boss to meet with area managers in Alabama – where the area was hit with some of the most devastating tornadoes in US history last month. It was like something out of a movie …

The 2 videos below show just how surreal this can be … I still can’t get my head around the power of this weather.

The first video is the ‘during’, with the second showing the ‘day after’. These videos were taken in Joplin, MO – where a class 4 (Alabama’s where class 5s).

Posted: May 26th, 2011
Categories: weather
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