Scumbag Steve

Below is the excerpt from the new biography (published today – I’m reading it on my Android Tablet) of Steve Jobs – the iconic co-founder of Apple. It briefly explains his turn on Christianity as a youth …

One documented reason he went into over 40 interviews with the author prior to his death in August was so his children would understand why he wasn’t there for them. Sad, really.

But to the point of his move from Christianity to Buddhism …

The catalyst was his realization that this God let this happen to these children; yet, he grew his immense fortune from the child-workers in China (noted, as many tech companies do nowadays) with terrible conditions and labor practices – and never outwardly made a difference his youthful self was so disgusted by.

As iconic as his followers believe him to be, his humanistic legacy is quite pathetic. Once his shiny gadgets fade into obsolescence, I would only hope those that have built his current pedestal will see through the iEuphoria and understand that he ultimately failed with the tremendous opportunity he had to truly to Think Different for humanity.

the magazine cover that shook young Steve Jobs in 1968

Posted: October 24th, 2011
Categories: books, tech
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