The Chinese Cut to the Chase

Sobering development, frankly, by the Chinese in regards to this ridiculous government shut-down here in the US. With the amount of our money they own and the amount of power they have, we don’t want to be messing with these guys long-term.

First – they are right. This is ridiculous. Bravado or Progress? I’m no politician – but I do know business. People who “make things happen” don’t fart around like these idiots in DC – you find a way to make it work, and together. Politicians, government employees – all people on the public dime – just don’t get it. Don’t care, don’t want to. Just work as little as possible, collect the check, get the benefits, then retire with full pensions. This crap simply does not fly in the private sector. If my CEO or any board members acted like this, they would all be out the door on their asses. Seriously. And no “pension” (seriously, pensions? What – is this 1954?).


Second – let’s not stir up things with China. NOT a good move.

Game On, DC – let’s grown up and do some work.

Posted: October 11th, 2013
Categories: news, politics
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